2015-2016 jane b semel Award Recipients

Erika Chau: Director of Academic Personnel for the UCLA Anderson School

  • Generous and inspiring staff member who volunteers to share her knowledge and time by teaching yoga to colleagues during her lunch hour, helping them to improve their strength and flexibility, reduce stress and to appreciate the grace and beauty of yoga as well as the mental and physical benefits of regular yoga practice

Mick Deluca:  Assistant Vice Chancellor of Campus Life and MoveWell pod leader

  • Champion for health and wellness at UCLA and beyond whose positive energy and vision has influenced all of our lives as we work, study and live at UCLA, from the BHIP classes, FitBreak sessions and the Warm-up for Work program offered by Recreation to the Living Amphitheater at Sunset Rec to BFIT, the Bruin Fitness Center on the hill to the Move Mail in our inboxes

Julie Kwan:  Librarian at the Biomedical Library

  • Invaluable resource for HCI who is constantly thinking of ways to integrate the library into the fabric of HCI: evaluating reference materials for HCI programs and identifying resources such as the medicinal prints from the rare book collection for HCI educational use, and developing workshops and tools for students that enrich their HCI projects and expand their personal and professional skillsets

Elizabeth Melnikas:  Bruin Health Improvement Program (BHIP) instructor for Recreation

  • The letter nominating Elizabeth which was supported by dozens of staff and faculty stated “Liz embodies the Healthy Campus Initiative of Move Well and enables scores of faculty and staff to move well too!”
  • An amazing athlete who creates a sense of community in a positive inclusive environment that encourages participants to continue to improve their physical fitness and strive to be their best

Joseph Nagy:  Professor of English

  • Folklorist, inspiring faculty leader and great collaborator who is responsible for HCI’s swift progress in shepherding the undergraduate Food Studies Minor from an idea in June 2014 to reality in 2016 with new courses developed for the minor being included with existing offerings in this exciting new minor for undergraduates.

Lauren Phinney:  Student in the Institute for Society and Genetics, class of 2016

  • Student leader: as a student representative provides a strong student voice on the BreatheWell tobacco-free steering committee
  • Student activist: actively supports and works to bring awareness to emotional well-being issues
  • HCI supporter: provides insightful student perspective on the HCI steering committee and actively supports HCI

Tony Tolbert:  Director of Learning Environment & Academic Affairs at the Law School

  • Trailblazer in creating a holistic culture and environment of health and wellness in the Law School that includes music, yoga, meditation among its programs
  • A role model for all in how one person can make a significant impact on many.