2017-2018 jane b semel Award Recipients

Mark Biedlingmaier: UC Global Food Initiative Fellow, UC Office of the President

Mark Biedlingmaier is a recent graduate with a B.A. in Geography/Environmental Studies who has demonstrated exceptional leadership as a GFI Fellow and manager of the jane b semel HCI community garden. His leadership efforts were instrumental in making this space a thriving, engaging place on campus through the development of sustainable infrastructure, design of gardening classes and programming to support the garden, and mobilization of a community network in support of the food security efforts on campus. In Spring 2018, Mark also facilitated the seminar, “Environment 88S: Introduction to Applied Sustainable Living” through the Undergraduate Student Initiate Education (USIE) program. As part of the campus-wide sustainability efforts, his course equipped students with the knowledge and tools needed to mitigate negative local, regional, and global environmental impacts.

Linda Hsu (In Memoriam): Former Business Operations Coordinator, Chancellor’s Office

Linda Hsu, former Business Operations Coordinator, worked in the Chancellor’s Office for 50 years. We recognize her decades of service to the UCLA community and her over 5 years of dedication to HCI. She worked diligently to help us build a culture of health on campus. In a behind-the-scenes manner and with ease and a smile – she seamlessly managed the daily office operations of the Chancellor’s Office and Chancellor’s Organization at-large. Linda was the most loyal and trustworthy employee one could hope for. She will be remembered for her smile, good nature and helpful hand she always extended. Linda was also a dedicated mother, grandmother, daughter and wife.

Tannaz Moin: Assistant Professor, David Geffen School of Medicine

Tannaz Moin has and continues to demonstrate her commitment to improving the health of the UCLA community and the UC system through her work with the Diabetes Prevention Program (DPP). As a leading expert in the fields of Pre-Diabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, and General Endocrinology, Tannaz co-founded UCLA’s Diabetes Prevention Program for students, staff, and faculty — making  UCLA the first college campus in the country to have a CDC recognized program. The success of DPP at UCLA has inspired the expansion of the program to all UC campuses. Tannaz is also an Assistance Professor at the UCLA David School of Medicine and Core Investigator at the Center for the Study of Healthcare Innovation, Implementation & Policy at VA Greater Los Angeles. Her research focuses on implementation and comparative effectiveness of health system- and health insurance-partnered interventions for patients with diabetes and prediabetes. Tannaz’s efforts have had a profound impact on the members of the UCLA community, their families and the rest of the UC system.

Antonio Sandoval: Director, UCLA Community Programs Office

Antonio Sandoval has worked since 2008 as the Director of the UCLA Community Programs Office (CPO), UCLA’s cross-cultural center that builds and nurtures an inclusive and diverse community of scholars and leaders committed to giving back to historically marginalized communities. He has lead efforts to combat food insecurity among students at UCLA and throughout the UC system. Antonio believes that students shouldn’t have to decide between food and the things they need for class or other commitments. As a member of the UCLA Basic Needs Committee, he has contributed to collaborative efforts to connecting different programs and making decisions about the best use of funds to meet the basic needs of students and have long-lasting effect on their future success in life.