2018-2019 jane b semel Award Recipients

Carolanne Link

Carolanne Link was selected for her dedication and commitment to improving the health and well-being of the UCLA community and for her leadership through sharing her experience at UCLA to raise awareness about accessibility equity. Her creation of the Accessibility Toolkit pushes for more inclusive programming, elevating the disabled community to participate in all events. Link is an example of how one person can make a difference making a positive impact on many people’s lives on and off campus.

Elisabeth Nails

Elisabeth Nails was selected for the leadership she has demonstrated through helping Semel HCI to raise awareness about the values and mission through her masterful coordination of our annual celebration events, her contributions to the MoveWell pod and collaborations and support of the other pods.

Madison Feldman

Madison Feldman was selected for expanding Semel HCI’s outreach efforts among students on campus, leading the Semel HCI undergraduate staff, and creating the Student Health Network and the Undergraduate Volunteer Network.

Rena Orenstein

Rena Orenstein was selected for prioritizing the well-being of UCLA students through her work with the Life Skills course. It is truly a life-changing for all the students who take the course.

Scott Waugh

Scott Waugh was selected for his unwavering leadership, thoughtful guidance, sage advice and commitment to improving the health and well-being of the UCLA community. Evidence of his impact is apparent throughout campus.

Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson was selected for his leadership he has demonstrated in making the environment at UCLA a much safer and healthier place, as well as his invaluable contributions as a pod leader and steering committee member.