2021-2022 jane b semel Award Recipients

Skye Blee

Skye Blee is an undergraduate student studying Environmental Science with a Film minor and is the videographer for Semel HCI. Skye was selected for her dedication and support of Semel HCI through thoughtful videography. Skye is a talented storyteller and has demonstrated how videos can build empathy and support the health and well-being of our community. 


Russell Castro

Russell Castro is the Administrative Coordinator & Assistant to the Director at the Community Programs Office. Russell was selected for his leadership in addressing basic needs for all UCLA students. He has been integral in developing the strong relationship Semel HCI has with the Community Programs Office, which has been vital to our partnership in addressing food security among the UCLA community.

Renée Fortier

Renée Fortier is the immediate past Executive Director of UCLA Events & Transportation and a Co-Lead of the BEWell Pod. Renée was selected for her leadership in weaving health equity throughout her work to create a safe campus which provides reimagined spaces to serve the evolving needs of the UCLA community. Her insightful and innovative leadership during the COVID pandemic produced significant recommendations which will have long term effects on the health and well-being of the UCLA community.

Marissa Hong

Marissa Hong is an undergraduate student majoring in Art and is the photographer for Semel HCI and the MindWell Pod Undergraduate Pod Assistant. Marissa was selected for her leadership in supporting more social engagement in dining halls on campus. Marissa has many talents and leads with empathy; her willingness to help wherever is needed has a rippling impact in our Bruin community. 

Melissa Liu

Melissa Liu is a Masters of Urban Planning graduate student at the Luskin School of Public Affairs and the Graduate Student Researcher for the EatWell Pod of Semel HCI. Melissa was selected for their thoughtful approach to community engagement and relationship building, and leadership in developing new programs and initiatives with the jbs HCI Community Garden. 

Janet Tomiyama

Janet Tomiyama is an Associate Professor of Psychology at UCLA, and heads the DIeting, Stress, and Health (DiSH) lab. Janet was selected for her leadership and involvement in the development and ongoing participation in the Food Studies Graduate Certificate Program, teaching about the emotional impact of eating on health, and multi-disciplinary research around the intersection of eating, stress and health.