Our Environment, Our Health: Built Environment Art Call for Submissions

The BEWell pod of the Semel Healthy Campus Initiative Center at UCLA has designed a unique opportunity to support a public art program to enhance the UCLA built environment and promote awareness regarding the relationship between climate change, health, and well-being. The project, “Our Environment, Our Health,” will utilize various campus infrastructure including traffic signal cabinets and pianos as a “canvas.” The selected designs will be deployed by the UCLA Transportation Department. Applicants must be registered UCLA students or employees in order to be eligible to submit designs. Be mindful that the art will be printed on vinyl material. 

Artists must incorporate the following theme into their proposals: Climate Change, Health, and Well-being

14 Traffic signal cabinet artwork selected will be awarded a gift card (worth $75), and 1 piano artwork will be awarded a gift basket of assorted items from Semel HCI and UCLA Recreation.

Application Guidelines and Deadline

To apply to the Our Environment, Our Health Project please fill out an application and return by March 26, 2020. Selected artists will be notified 2-3 weeks after the submission deadline. 

Please include “Our Environment, Our Health” in the subject line.

Electric Box Art

Example of a traffic signal cabinet with art

Artwork Specifications

Our Environment, Our Health is designed to encourage community pride, beautify neighborhoods, and understand topics that encompass health. Art will be installed in a public place and must be suitable for viewing by all ages. The following guidelines should be followed:

Traffic Signal Cabinets

  • Because the boxes have regulatory decals, levers, etc., boxes may vary slightly.
  • UCLA or its contractors must have access to the components in the box at all times.
  • Some boxes may have locks and control panels that will have to remain free of any art image.
  • Artwork using a majority of dark colors cannot be considered due to the potential for overheating the traffic signal cabinets.


  • Be prepared to customize artwork to fit the piano without compromising functional use. The Selection Committee will use this submission along with the application to select the winner. 

Ineligible Entries

A proposal will be ineligible, for any one or more of the following reasons, if the artwork: 

  • Contains copyrighted or trademarked images or logos
  • A brand or business name 
  • A website or a social media link 
  • Address or phone number
  • Is plagiarized, stolen, or copied from another source
  • Defames or invades the rights of any person, living or dead
  • Is likely to:
    • Incite or produce an imminent lawless act
    • Disrupt the orderly operation of the facility exhibiting the art; 
  • Is integral to criminal conduct or violates the law
  • Obscene matter, as defined in California Penal Code Section 311 or any successor legislation

Design Template

Traffic Signal Cabinet

This template is of a “typical” traffic signal cabinet on campus. Use the template below to sketch and draw the image as it would be printed. Traffic signal cabinets may vary in size, shape, and have vents, seams, doors, and a handle. Be prepared to customize artwork to fit on traffic signal cabinets, and please leave space where the organizational logo can be printed. The Selection Committee will use this submittal along with the application to select the winner.  


The art will be displayed on the back of the John Wooden Center piano (measurements are 57 inches x 41 inches). Please leave space for three organizational logos. Please include the text, “UCLA Piano Project” in the design. Applicants don’t need to worry about the uneven surface depths on the back of the piano. A flat cover will be installed to create a more convenient canvas space. Applicants should submit a “.ai file” using the dimensions listed above.


Piano with art

Example of a piano with art