Faculty & Staff

The importance and complexity of reaching out to faculty and staff continues to stimulate Semel HCI Center activity, innovation, and support for staff health promotion. The number of UCLA staff, their age profiles, their patterns of health behavior, their risks for chronic illness, the length of time they remain at the university, and the fact that UCLA is responsible for their health insurance coverage all makes involving faculty and staff in Semel HCI Center extremely important.

Semel HCI Center has worked hard to provide outreach, recognizing that it takes time due to the diversity of staff who are divided by large differences in job titles, salary, social status, ethnicity, and union representation. In addition, Semel HCI Center recognizes and is working to create a culture of emotional, physical, and social wellbeing that can help address some of the logistical barriers to wellness, such as the geographic dispersion of staff, shift work (especially night shifts), and the hierarchical nature of supervisory relations in many units.



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