Warner Hudson

Warner Hudson, M.D.

ResearchWell Pod Leader

T. Warner Hudson, M.D. is Medical Director of Occupational and Employee Health for UCLA Health System and Campus since 2010.  He has been a steering committee member of the Healthy Campus Initiative for 6 years and co leads its evaluation pod. Between being faculty at UC Davis Medical Center following resident and fellow years there and coming to UCLA, he was Corporate Medical Director and Director of Health Safety and Environment for multinational companies, and in those roles worked to build employee population health strategies and programs that work.  He has helped lead WorkStrong across UC, a focused wellness program for injured workers that now has 5 years of data showing 28 % reduction in subsequent work comp claims.  Board Certified in Family Medicine and in Occupational Medicine, fellow in both; he was President of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine in 2011-2012 and has many published articles, book and book chapters on protecting and improving the health of employee populations and of individuals.