traffic sign reading, "no thru traffic"
Changes to Our Public Space
Published 2/10/2021 in BEWell
Even with all the uncertainties in the world right now,... read more ❯
utility box with painting of bees
A Closer Look on Utility Box Art
Published 3/2/2020 in BEWell
More and more utility boxes are being transformed into colorful... read more ❯
Plant species found in Mildred E. Mathias Botanical Garden
Refresher on the Botanical Garden
Published 12/10/2019 in BEWell
There are so many resources on the UCLA campus, but... read more ❯
Flyer for Bike Recycling Day
Bike Recycling Day 2019
Published 11/14/2019 in BEWell
If you’ve ever wanted a bike, here’s a chance you... read more ❯
BEWell Policy Corner: Street Vending in LA
Published 1/16/2019 in BEWell
From fresh fruit, tacos, and even Tupperware, all kinds of... read more ❯
What's Neat About Open Streets?
Published 11/15/2018 in BEWell
Between the honks, screeching brakes, and sea of headlights, anyone... read more ❯
How to get involved in creating healthier neighborhoods
Published 5/29/2018 in BEWell
A transformation is underway in Los Angeles. People are lifting... read more ❯
Eudaimonia Award Winner Louis Tse
Eudaimonia Award Winner Spotlight: Louis Tse
Published 4/20/2018 in MindWell
Aristotle distinguished hedonia, the brief, fleeting happiness derived from immediate... read more ❯
Inside view of Mamava lactation pod.
How Can the Built Environment at UCLA Better Support Breastfeeding Women?
Published 4/3/2018 in BEWell
Now in its third project year, Creating Space, a graduate... read more ❯
Court of Sciences North
Reclaiming Our Healthy Spaces @ North Court of Sciences
Published 4/2/2018 in BEWell
What is your favorite place at UCLA? Some people love... read more ❯
Bird Scooter at UCLA
Transportation Do’s and Don’ts
Published 3/20/2018 in BEWell
There are more ways than ever to get around campus... read more ❯
Vets garden pic 2
Combating Veterans Issues through Gardening
Published 1/26/2018 in BEWell
Encompassing 14 acres behind Jackie Robinson Stadium on the West... read more ❯
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