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Fall 2021 Newsletter Feature: Promoting Social Well-being
Published 10/6/2021 in EngageWell
Q&A with Dr. Ted Robles, EngageWell Pod Co-Leader How can... read more ❯
Court of Sciences Student Center – from UCLA Newsroom
Social Support: A Connection with Others
Published 3/18/2021 in EngageWell
Navigating the world around us is hard, especially since we’ve... read more ❯
EngageWell Blog Post, February 2021 – Jessica Nunez
Healthy Engagements: Giving during the Pandemic
Published 2/9/2021 in EngageWell
As we start a new year, we continue living in... read more ❯
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Engaging with the Pod
Published 6/10/2020 in EngageWell
The EngageWell... read more ❯
Michelle Craske
Social Engagement with the Depression Grand Challenge
Published 6/10/2020 in EngageWell
Due to the varied consequences of this pandemic, social engagement... read more ❯
Journaling next to a cup of tea
Socially Engaging from Home
Published 6/10/2020 in EngageWell
As quarantine still unfolds and you continue adjusting to change,... read more ❯
Social Distancing: A Talk with the EngageWell Pod
Published 5/7/2020 in EngageWell
With this novel idea of “Safer at Home,” have you... read more ❯
The UCLA Piano Project
Published 1/15/2020 in EngageWell
Have you ever felt overwhelmed as you are walking to... read more ❯
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Making UCLA Accessibility Conscious
Published 7/5/2019 in EngageWell
Every time I go on my Facebook, I see new... read more ❯
Resilient and Empathetic Leaders at UCLA
Published 4/3/2019 in EngageWell
Resilient and Empathetic Leaders at UCLA UCLA is home to an... read more ❯
Resilience on the RISE
Published 2/21/2019 in MindWell
Resilience (noun) re·​sil·​ience | \ ri-ˈzil-yən(t)s ​1)​ The capability of a strained... read more ❯
liking gap 1
A New Perspective on Social Relations – The Liking Gap
Published 1/17/2019 in EngageWell
With new classes, meetings, and events, the start of a... read more ❯