Culture writer, DJ, sociology professor, and co-host of the album appreciation podcast “Heat Rocks”, Dr. Oliver Wang joins us to share his research on the ways in which Asian Americans participate in different forms of popular culture. Oliver has made it his mission and work to share the stories that have yet to be told–like the story of Filipino American Mobile DJs in the Bay Area or the story behind the travel patterns of the Kogi food trucks. Keep listening to hear some of these untold stories.

More about Dr. Oliver Wang

Dr. Oliver Wang has a rich and diverse career. He been writing on pop music, culture, and politics for a variety of publications for over 25 years and currently contributes to  National Public Radio, KCET’s Artbound, the Los Angeles Review of Books, and KPCC’s Take Two. Oliver has also co-authored and authored several books including, Legions of Boom, focused on Filipino American mobile DJ crews in the San Francisco Bay Area. Oliver has also been a DJ for nearly 30 years and is currently the co-host of the album appreciation podcast “Heat Rocks” with Morgan Rhodes. To top it all off- Dr. Wang is a Professor of Sociology at CSU-Long Beach, teaching courses in popular culture, social issues and race/class/gender.