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Is eating organic better for you? Today, we unpack this question and many more with Dr. Hilary Godwin as she discusses the importance of distinguishing between scientific evidence and personal value judgements. Join us as we talk about pesticides & food, climate change, and ways to become a more effective communicator!

More about Dr. Hilary Godwin 

Trained in chemistry and biophysics, Dr. Hilary Godwin has been a leader at the intersection of environmental science and public health.  She has supervised research programs in mechanistic toxicology and environmental health for more than 20 years. In addition to researching lead poisoning, her interests include the impacts of climate change on public health, efficacy of conservation programs and policies on indigenous populations, and community-based approaches to addressing health problems. At Northwestern University, she helped develop a program to help students, particularly those at risk, who are interested in the sciences transition from high school to college. In 2006, Hilary joined the UCLA faculty and taught in the Environmental Health Sciences Department. Now, Hilary is the Dean of the University of Washington’s School of Public Health.