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Join Dr. Wendy Slusser as she chats with Professor Dr. Dawn Upchurch from UCLA’s Fielding School of Public Health about the health benefits of mindfulness and meditation and how we can incorporate this into our lives now.

Mindfulness and meditation can be a powerful way to stay grounded and take care of your mental and spiritual health. As Dr. Upchurch explains in this podcast, it’s necessary to take care of one’s self to be able to go out and do the work that needs to be done…

More about Dr. Dawn Upchurch

Dawn Upchurch is a Professor in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health and the Vice Chair of the Department of Community Health Sciences.

Professor Upchurch’s research focuses on a wide breadth of topics including women’s health and health disparities, social and behavioral determinants of women’s health, psychosocial stressors and health,  biomarkers and allostatic load, complementary and alternative medicine, and acupuncture. Dr. Upchurch is particularly interested in the intersection of mindfulness and meditation, and health equity.