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The stories we tell and the stories we hear, have the ability to transport us to a different time and place. Today, we explore food through stories and folklore.  Join us for a conversation with UCLA Emeritus professor and expert in Irish Folklore, Dr. Joseph Nagy, about the symbolisms of food in folklore, specifically medieval Celtic folklore.

More about Dr. Joseph Nagy 

Joseph Nagy is a faculty member of Harvard and was previous a Professor of English and Folklore & Mythology at UCLA. His research focuses on medieval Celtic languages and literatures, with a particular interest in Old Irish folklore and mythology. Among his numerous publications are Writing Down the Myths (Brepols, 2013), Conversing with Angels and Ancients: Literary Myths of Medieval Ireland (Cornell UP, 1997), and The Wisdom of the Outlaw: The Boyhood Deeds of Finn in Gaelic Narrative Tradition (University of California Press, 1985). He also is the founder and former editor of the Celtic Studies Association of North America Yearbook (CSANA).