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Food for All- Towards Food Justice in a Time of Food Apartheid

Universal access to fresh, healthy food is at the foundation of a healthy and equitable society. However, access to nutritious food is currently also shaped by a person’s zip code, socioeconomic position, and race.

Karen Washington and other activists have framed these inequities as a “food apartheid,” where access to nutritious food has been intentionally denied to Black, poor, and other marginalized communities through systemic discrimination. Such food inequities fuel health inequities: Black and poor people experience higher rates of diet-related health complications.

Moderated by Dr. Wendy Slusser and Dr. Amy Rowat, our panelists discuss food apartheid, its impact on the health of marginalized groups, and how we can work towards a transformative and healthy future for all.


Join us to discuss: how can we move towards food and health justice?