Welcome New Bruins and Families!


A Little Bit About Us

Welcome to the Healthy Campus Initiative (nickname:  Live Well)!  You may have visited our table during the New Student Orientation Activities Fair or the New Student Family Resource Fair!  If not, in short, HCI is a campus-wide wellness movement with the goal of making UCLA the healthiest university campus in America!  We attempt to achieve this through fostering high levels of wellness, encouraging personal responsibility, respecting diversity, striving to reduce inequities in health, and being integrative.  Our structure of topics under the HCI umbrella break down into what we call “pods”.  Currently, there are 6 Live Well pods:  Eat Well, Move Well, Mind Well, BE Well, Breathe Well and Research Well.  If you would like to know more about us, our history and our faculty/staff please click here.

What You Can Find On Our Website


On this website you can find information on any of the pods that interest you.  On each pod page you can find subsections for Programs/Activities, Courses (actual school classes!), Media & Resources. Also, a featured video that were filmed by, for, or related to each pod can be found at the bottom of each page.  For the full video archive click here.

A Quick Overview of Our Pods’ Activities, Information, and Resources!

Eat Well:

  • Availability of healthy food and beverage choices on campus
  • Campus Community Gardens
  • Bruin Plate (BPlate) — fresh, nutritious and sustainably sourced dining hall
  • Healthy Recipes
  • Food Films
  • Nutritional Information and Goals
  • Food Waste
  • Food Security
  • New!  Food Studies Minor or Graduate Certificate
  • UCLA Food Day!
  • Healthy Vending
  • Farmers Markets

Move Well:

  • UCLA Recreation Facilities
  • Exercise Classes
  • Team Sports
  • Outdoor Adventures
  • Physical Health Programs
  • Physical Activity Recommendations and Guidelines
  • Let’s Move!– Former FLOTUS Obama’s  initiative
  • Apps for Physical Activity
  • Instant Recess
  • Harvard School of Public Health’s Benefits of Physical Activity Research
  • Faculty & Staff Move Well Programs
  • Move Well Pod Library Research Guide

Mind Well:

  • Mindful Music
  • Contemplative Practices, Meditation and More
  • Brain Development and Management
  • Arts for Wellness
  • UCLA Gratitude Challenge
  • Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at UCLA
  • Free Online Happiness and Learning Courses
  • Sleep Well Campaign
  • Psychological Well-Being
  • Bruin Resource Center– many programs including students with dependents, student veterans, and undocumented students.
  • LGBT Resources
  • Working through Trauma and Disasters

BE Well:

  • Bicycle-Friendly Campus Information
  • Earn-A-Bike Program
  • Alternative Transporation
  • Sustainability
  • Campus Safety
  • Air Quality
  • Bruin Commuters
  • BE Well Pod Library Research Guide

Breathe Well: UCLA became a completely Smoke-Free Campus in 2013!

  • Smoking Cessation Resources for Staff & Faculty (English & Spanish)
  • Tobacco Free Student Action Team
  • Videos on Talking about Smoking on Campus
  • Environmental Impacts of Tobacco Use
  • Studies about the Effects of Tobacco Use
  • Information on Tobacco-Related Products
  • Quitting Smoking Resources (in Chinese, Korean, or Vietnamese)
  • Effects of Smokeless Tobacco
  • Apps to help you quit
  • Tips to help you quit
  • American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation (ANRF)

Research Well:  Since Research Well is our newest pod promoting and supporting healthy living research projects from faculty, staff, and students, the pod activities and resources have not be published to the website yet!  Please stay tuned as we get the ball rolling with this new pod!


In addition to the pod pages, there is a calendar of all events in that students can attend and enjoy.  You can check out just the events for the pod that most interests you or see the main calendar for great opportunities in a wide range of topics.


We have a fantastic blog that consists of entries from HCI staff discussing healthy living issues, HCI events, and healthy living tips and information to benefit anyone interested in the HCI lifestyle!  We have a full archive of all the blog posts organized chronologically and by pod.  Additionally, our video archive can be found here!

Events and Announcements!

Throughout the year we will also promote larger events like our annual HCI celebration in the Spring (see the 2017 celebration), Food Day, and TEDx talks and much more!  These will be promoted through our website and our social media platforms as they get closer!  The best way to keep up what’s happening with HCI is to follow us on TwitterFacebookInstagram and keep regular tabs on our website!

Getting Involved

If you’re interested in the inner workings of any of the pods, feel free to meet the faculty, staff, graduate and undergraduate students involved in each by attending any of their monthly pod meetings.  These are open to ANY interested students!  Dates, times, and locations for these meetings will be posted and updated regularly on the Attend a Pod Meeting page.

Interested in what each pod has to offer beyond their meetings?

Eat Well:  A list of student groups that are passionate about food and nutrition can be found under Eat Well Programs & Activities.

Move Well:  Check out team sports, exercise classes, outdoor activities and physical health programs under Move Well Programs & Activities.

Mind Well:  Check out student groups, meditation classes, and our Mindful Music events under Mind Well Programs & Activities.  For all of our resources to do with Mind Well health like Peer Counseling and trauma and disaster, please check Mind Well Media & Resources.

BE Well:  Check out how UCLA tries to promote a healthy environment through the BE Well Programs & Activities and Media & Resources tabs