Semel HCI Year-End Celebrations

At the end of each year, Semel HCI hosts an event to celebrate that year’s accomplishments, highlights student projects, and recognizes individuals who embody the principles of Semel HCI in striving to promote the health and wellness of the UCLA community. Click on a link below to learn more about each years’ celebration event.

Visit our jane b semel Appreciation & Recognition Awardees page to learn more about the individuals recognized at each end-of-year celebration.

Eudaimonia Events

The UCLA Healthy Campus Initiative Eudaimonia Award is an annual award to recognize members of the UCLA community, past or present, who exemplify Eudaimonia by living a life full of purpose and meaning. The UCLA HCI Eudaimonia Society highlights members of the UCLA community who, through their immense personal efforts, inspire others to seek Eudaimonic well-being. Visit MindWell’s Eudaimonia page to learn more.

Food Day Events

National Food Day is October 24th, and each year Semel HCI hosts an event in the Fall Quarter in celebration. These events involve collaboration across the pods, with EatWell leading the charge. Click below to view images from these events.

Two women and a man pose with a dish.

Other Events

2022 Media Literacy Summit: The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a parallel pandemic of mis- and dis-information which has been shown tohave real and concerning health effects. Through convening a vast network of UCLA and invited interdisciplinaryexperts and leaders, Semel HCI aims to support rich and productive conversations on promoting informationliteracy. At this Summit, we we will build on the current media literacy work at UCLA, help map out concretesteps to address information literacy, and improve health and well-being at UCLA and beyond.

2020 Health Equity Summit: On June 30, 2020, 152 participants across campus, the UC system, and beyond convened virtually to begin discussions and map out steps for positive actions to take over the coming years to strengthen our common vision of fostering health and well-being and reducing health inequities at UCLA and beyond.

The unapologetic beauty of focusing on your strengths | Wendelin Slusser | TEDxUCLA