Each of you is a valued member of the Bruin family, and we want to ensure you have information to help you maintain your health and well-being. We also want to acknowledge the challenges you face while continuing your work and studies during these turbulent times. We hope the following guidance and tips will be helpful to you.

Resources for Emotional, Social, & Physical Health

Pod Resources

Semel HCI’s seven thematic workgroups, called pods, work to promote the “healthy choice as the easy choice”. One way they do so is by curating health and well-being resources in their area of work: built environment (BEWell), tobacco-free environment (BreatheWell), food and nutrition (EatWell), social well-being and relationships (EngageWell), mental health (MindWell), physical activity (MoveWell), and research (ResearchWell).

Click on one of the pods below to view resources in their area of work.

Other Semel HCI Resources And Partners