Semel HCI 2021 Scavenger Hunt

The goal of this scavenger hunt is to answer as many questions as you can! The full list of questions is available below and match the numbered questions in the embedded form. We recommend noting the answers to each question separately, then entering all of the answers once into this form.

Some things to keep in mind: (1) It is not timed, but this form must be submitted by October 1st. (2) Some questions have right answers while others are open-ended. (3) Each question is worth 1 point unless a bonus point is offered.

Once you have finished, your points will be added up and you will see your total. You will be contacted via email if you qualify to receive a prize:

  • 16 points: you will be entered into a raffle for a $100 Target gift card
  • 12-15 points: you will receive a Semel HCI Swag Bag
  • 8-11 points: you will receive a Semel HCI Bamboo Utensil Set

*Note: These only apply as supplies last, since these prizes are available in limited quantities. Participants will only be eligible for 1 prize.

Clues (click arrows or swipe for more)

1. Semel HCI Instagram 

We regularly post on our Instagram about our monthly pod meetings, resources and health and well-being tips! Follow our account and engage with at least one post by liking or commenting. (For an extra point, post on your story a healthy habit you’d like to keep up/maintain during the school year and tag @healthyucla.)

@healthyucla instagram account

2.  LiveWell Podcast

The Semel HCI original UCLA LiveWell Podcast interviews leading experts to share new perspectives on health and well-being! Look through the list of podcasts and choose one that sparks your interest. Write a short 1-2 sentence summary of why you look forward to listening to it. Bonus point: subscribe to or follow our podcast on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher to stay up to date with our latest episodes!

LiveWell Podcast

3. Hydration Station Map

    • Drinking water improves your cognitive performance –helping you stay focused and alert. It can also help to increase your energy and improve your skin! There are over 100 hydration stations (aka water bottle refilling stations) on campus where you can fill up. Check out this map to find out which stations are closest to where you live, hang out and go to class. Write down the location of three hydration stations you are likely to use.
    • BONUS POINT: if you find a station that’s not on the map, write down the detailed location (i.e. Murphy Hall by room 2231), take a picture and submit to receive a Semel HCI water bottlerefill station

4. jane b semel HCI Community Garden

    • The heart and mission of the jane b semel HCI community garden is to provide an on-campus space for the UCLA community to grow healthy food and promote food security while building community and fostering education of urban gardening practices. UCLA students, faculty, staff and community members are welcome to apply for a plot in this garden. At @hcigardens on Instagram, find a post with the hashtag #HCIGardenGrowTips and write a 1-2 sentence summary of what you learned.

students gardening at the Semel HCI community garden

5. UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center

The UCLA Mindfulness Awareness Research Center (MARC) disseminates mindful awareness resources through classes, events, free programming, and guided meditations. ….First, write down one word to describe how you currently feel. Next, on the MARC website, scroll down to the 3-minute Short Body Scan and follow along to the audio. Then write down one word to describe how you feel after completing this exercise. Students meditating at the mindfulness awareness research center

6.  Traffic Art Boxes 

Over the past year, the BEWell pod (Built Environment pod) of Semel HCI hosted an art contest called “Our Health, Our Environment” to promote awareness regarding the relationship between climate change, health, and well-being.  11 winning designs were selected to cover utility boxes around campus..Choose your favorite utility art box and screenshot it! Now, make a mental note to look out for it the next time you are walking around Westwood. Traffic Boxes with artwork around ucla campus

7. Teaching Kitchen

    • Launched in 2019, UCLA’s on-campus Teaching Kitchen offers a wide range of classes and tips for you to get busy in the kitchen! How do you sign up for a UCLA Teaching Kitchen class?
    • Bonus point: Follow @uclateachingkitchen on Instagram for Chef Julia’s great content!Teaching kitchen at the ucla recreation center

8. Basic Needs Resource Guide

    • The Community Programs Office (CPO) is made up of student-initiated, student-run projects that work for freedom and equality in our own communities, and provides a number of services and resources to UCLA students.What is one on-campus food resource you’d like to use or recommend to a friend? (CalFresh, CPO Food Closet, ECRT Meal Voucher Program, etc.)

Food resources available to students

9. Bruin Plate 

UCLA has earned the No. 1 spot in the “Best College Food in America” rankings  for the 5th year in a row! One of the beloved residential restaurants, Bruin Plate, offers a menu that focuses on fresh, wholesome, and nutritionally-balanced options and follows best practices of sustainability in food service operations. The UCLA Dining team is constantly innovating and creating new recipes at the Test Kitchen and Hedrick.  Among the top performing recipes from the Test Kitchen, which meal looks most appetizing to you?

  • Bruin plate menu

10. Medicinal Herb Garden

    • Did you know the Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center has a medicinal herb garden to raise awareness about the “natural medicine cabinet”?.Read this article on the medicinal herb garden. How many varieties of plants does the garden contain? Mexican sage in the medicinal garden

11. Pods

On the Semel HCI Website, find where it talks about “pods.” What is a pod and how many are there? (For an extra point, find out when a pod is meeting during the school year and mark it down in your calendar as a reminder to attend!) 

LiveWell Logo

12. ResearchWell

The ResearchWell Pod of Semel HCI seeks to fund student groups to implement high quality, replicable, and sustainable projects that will help to make UCLA a healthier community. On the Semel HCI Website, find the ResearchWell Pod. How much can you receive funding for a student group project or event? 

Students stretching at a movewell meeting

13. MoveWell x ResearchWell

Read through MoveWell and ResearchWell pod teams’ study on student’s sedentary habits. Now, stand up and stretch from side to side! Try bending down to touch your toes!

14. EatWell x Farmer’s Market Community Collaborative Cookbook

Last year, EatWell collaborated with the UCLA Farmers’ Market to put together a cookbook spotlighting the stories that accompany food, especially those from historically minoritized communities. Find third-year student Jaime Hattori’s recipe for “thunder soup” and list three ingredients you would need to make this delicious Japanese dish!

EatWell Farmer Market Community Collaborative Cookboo

15. Thriving Guide

Check out the Semel HCI Thriving Guide (hint: it may or may not be linked on our website’s homepage) and let us know one of the resources listed that you are interested in learning more about.

Thriving Guide

16. SleepWell 

The MindWell pod is committed to raising campus awareness about the critical importance of sleep for mental health and well-being, as well as academic success. According to the National Sleep Foundation, how many hours of sleep are suggested for adults? 

SleepWell Guide

LiveWell Logo